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They are clean, plant-based with all non-gmo and gluten-free ingredients.

They keep you full because of the 18g of dietary fiber per box resulting in appetite control and weight management.

The prebiotic fiber, inulin nourishes your gut's good bacteria which in turn boosts your immune system.

They're dehydrated and not baked, so the heat sensitive food enzymes from the plants nourish you..


1. Ease the stress of refined grains on your stomach's delicate lining with the gentleness of a cracker that's made with only cauliflower, non-Gmo almond meal, non-Gmo flax meal, prebiotics, herbs and spices. 

2. Nourish your gut microbiome daily with the dietary fiber inulin derived from chicory root and boost your immune system in the process.

3.  Pack in more veggies by topping up the crackers and add your favorite protein and essential fats to make a quick and easy mini-meal.  

Fill Nutritional Gaps

1. Experience a boost in energy from more Magnesium intake, a micromineral found in both the cauliflower and herbs in the crackers.  A tasty way to get more of that important mineral since most Americans are deficient in it.

2. Stay full longer, so you don't have to binge eat; you can therefore control your appetite; and if weight loss is your goal you can achieve that because of the copious amounts of dietary fiber from the cauliflower and flax seeds -  3g per serving and at 6 servings per box - a total of 18g  comes close to fulfilling the RDI daily allowance just in this one snack.

3. Strengthen your joint connective tissues, skin and blood health with the mineral Sulphur that's present in cauliflower.  It detoxifies your skin to help it look dewy and fresh and helps to build shiny, strong, hair and nails.

4.  Boost your Vitamins C and Vitamin K (responsible for new and healthy bone tissue) levels, respectively. Top up your Magnesium quotient to maintain healthy bones, teeth, increase energy production and synthesize and repair DNA. Augment the Vitamin B6 levels to protect the immune system and contribute to the production of more of the feel-good neurotransmitter, serotonin.

5.  These cauliflower crackers are dehydrated at a low temperature to preserve all of the heat sensitive enzymes in the plants whose benefits will redound to you.

Benefits of Daily Use

1. You can eat these crackers as a tasty, filling  snack or you can tuck more leafy greens in by adding it along with whatever toppings you like and have a nutritious, tasty meal in a pinch.

2. Don't fancy too much alliums like garlic, leeks and onions to increase your prebiotic intake, then don't sweat it.  These cauliflower crackers have the prebiotic inulin to feed your good gut bacteria fortifying your immune system in the process.  And guess what, they taste amazing!

3.  You can be assured that we source our almond and flax seed meals from premier purveyors of non-Gmo products, so that your delicate stomach wall lining won't undergo the ill effects of substandard ingredients.

4.  By incorporating these cauliflower crackers into your daily diet you have put yourself in the driver's seat to take charge of your health and wellness.  Congratulations!

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