Below, Jennifer Chambers explains how she discovered kale and why she started Slim and Trim Snacks:

I worked in the investment field for over twenty years, but in recent ones grew disillusioned and was looking for a change.  Along the way, I became interested in eating healthily, especially after my mother suffered her first seizure right before my eyes.  When her doctors told me there was no cure, only medication used in its control, I decided that I would commit myself fully to a healthier lifestyle, beginning with what I ate.  I cut out all “junk” food, refined sugar, red meat,  and started a regular exercise program.  I soon noticed how much weight I lost, how my skin glowed, and the increased energy I had.  Later on as I learned more about the additional benefits of a plant-based diet, I became a vegan, and have enjoyed the benefits of normal, blood pressure, low cholesterol, no weight fluctuations, and a slim and trim size 4 ever since.

A year and a half ago, I heard a breast cancer survivor who was on television extolled the nutritional virtues of kale chips.   And when she added that her young son thought that “it tasted like potato chips,” my love affair with this wonderful vegetable began.