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Did you see Adele last month when she appeared on “Saturday Night Live?” 

She looked amazing, didn’t she?  “Rumor has it” that she lost at least one hundred pounds from following the principles of the Sirtfood Diet.  Who knows, if that’s true.  But what is not in doubt, however, is that eating certain plants that contain special types of natural nutrients called polyphenols promote a healthy weight by regulating appetite and ward off serious diseases.  These particular polyphenols, when ingested, activate certain genes called Sirtuin that rid our cells of all the unwanted stuff that can later be harmful to our health and they use our body fat to do so.

In fact, according to “The Sirtfood Diet Recipe Book,” by Aidan Goggins &  Glen Matten with Chef Mark McCulloch, research in support of the benefits of the Sirtfood Diet was conducted by Harvard University and published in the prestigious British Medical Journal in which it found that eating plants that contain certain polyphenols, whose job it is to help plants survive stress, perform the same function in humans when we ingest them.  It goes on to explain, as a practical matter, how this process works, and the resulting benefits.

 “Our sirtuin genes, also called our "skinny genes" are a group of special genes in the body which, when turned on, activate a recycling process that clears out the cellular debris and clutter that accumulates over time and cause ill health and loss of vitality."  It added that in order "to fuel this recycling process the body uses our fat cells to activate our Sirtuin genes."  The result is that we protect ourselves from the onset of serious diseases and in the process burn unwanted fat.  What a concept!   

The truth is this concept is not exclusive to eating foods rich in Sirt-activating polyphenols.  In fact, when you put your body through the stress of exercise you are activating your skinny genes.  When you deprive yourself of nourishment by fasting, you are also activating your Sirt genes.  So, now that we know that eating certain plants put our bodies through the same process - maybe with less associated stress - perhaps we might be motivated to incorporate more of them in our daily diet in order to optimize our health and wellness.

Below are the Top 20 Sirtfoods

  1. Bird’s eye chilli; 2. Buckwheat; 3. Capers; 4. Celery, including its leaves.
  1. Cocoa; 6. Coffee; 7. Extra virgin olive oil; 8. Green tea, especially matcha green tea; 9. Kale; 10. Lovage; 11. Medjool dates; 12. Parsley; 13. Red chicory
  2. Red onion; 15. Red wine; 16. Rocket; 17. Soy; 18. Strawberries; 
  3. Turmeric; 20. Walnuts. 

"The Sirt food Diet Recipe Book. Aidan Goggins & Glen Matten with Chef Mark McCulloch. 

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